About Us

The Nucleus is NJIT's official yearbook, archiving the significant moments of the university in a yearly publication. The club offers its members various opportunities for involvement: capturing events on camera, designing the pages and layouts, writing about first-hand experiences, and marketing the yearbook to potential customers. Members have the chance to contribute to the creation of a book that will be valued by the graduating senior class in the years to come. Nucleus connects the past, present, and future of NJIT.

To be part of a major campus club with both work and play, join us every Friday, 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM, Campus Center Rm 464.


The business staff's main objective are yearbook marketing and networking Business staff works in innovation and implementation of business ideas, event managment, and sales distribution.

Layouts & Sections

The sections and layouts staff meticulously plans and designs the pages of the yearbook. All efforts in writing and photography come together to form a grand collage of creativity.


Photographers never satiate their interest in capturing events around campus, organizations at work, and the rest of the NJIT community to catch the university at its finest moments.


Writers use their skills to interview members of the NJIT community, conduct student polls, manage graduate data, and point verbal pictures of the year's happenings at NJIT.